The most popular Google searches on the topic of cryptocurrencies – results of 2022

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Tech giant Google categorized the most popular topics on the Internet at the end of the year and summarized the strongest search trends. In the “Cryptocurrencies” category, Google lists all the phrases that were most frequently searched for on the Internet.

The year 2022 in the cryptosphere was marked by spectacular drops in the price of digital coins. This is also reflected in popular search queries. Particularly strong increases in search queries were seen in depreciated coins and bankrupt platforms such as Celsius, Luna and FTX and, quite trivially, in the question of the current asset rate.

The 10 most popular searches with the word “crypto” (cryptocurrencies):

1. “crypto live”

Rates rise and fall very quickly. Of course, many people want to see it live, and they find such resources with this search query.

2. “luna crypto”

It’s hard to decide which crash was the strongest this year. When it comes to search queries, interest in Luna cryptocurrency is definitely at the top.

3. “market cap crypto”

The current market capitalization of individual cryptocurrencies has always interested users, especially when the market is so volatile.

4. “celsius crypto”

And another spectacular collapse in the industry: Celsius. This bankruptcy was of interest to Google users.

5. “strong crypto”

There are many cryptocurrencies that have remained strong despite the market decline. With this query, users probably wanted to know which coins were stable and did not succumb to negative sentiment.

6. “crypto crash”

It has already been mentioned that there have been several collapses of cryptocurrency companies this year. Users, of course, were interested in the cryptocurrency collapse.

7. “crypto royale”

Cryptocurrency combines with gaming – royale coins can be won in an online game launched this year – and it seems to be a pretty popular theme.

8. “ftx crypto”

The FTX exchange went bankrupt in early November. This is the biggest fiasco of the trading floor in the history of the industry.

9. “crypto bubbles”

Some people think that all cryptocurrencies are financial bubbles. This year, Google users’ interest in the topic has been heightened.

10. “crypto wallet”

Definitely not a new search query ends up at number 10. In any case, it is clear that in times when platforms are losing customer assets, your own wallet becomes more attractive.

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