Cryptocurrency 2023: the most interesting predictions

crypto forecast 2023

Ethereum update, cryptocurrency tax, bear market – these are just some of the factors that shaped the cryptocurrency year 2022. It was not only a busy year, but also a very difficult one for the industry – as the crypto market was shaken by several market downturns and scandals.

For example, Terra (LUNA) collapsed, and the bankruptcy of cryptocurrency exchange FTX greatly undermined confidence in the industry. Last but not least, there was a wave of layoffs in some companies.

The year 2022 saw progress in the crypto industry’s regulatory issues. The industry struggled with environmental concerns, and institutions around the world began to seriously consider cryptocurrency as a key financial asset class.

On the other hand, this year the market was going through some tough times. The industry has faced some real challenges. Cryptocurrencies should always be a tool for economic empowerment and freedom. A technology that can improve people’s lives and make the financial system more transparent, secure and democratic will survive the downturn.

The coming year will continue what began in 2022: the rapidly growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies in the marketplace and the scaling of solutions.
In 2022, it became clear that regulation was urgently needed. But not just bad things have happened in the crypto space: states are accepting bitcoin as a legal currency, and there have been significant advances in the use of DeFi and NFT.

In 2022, despite all the setbacks (including the collapse of Luna/Terra and Arrows Capital, the FTX scandal), many positive things happened in the cryptosphere. The Metaworld theme was picked up by big companies.

The overall geopolitical situation, which severely affected not only the crypto sector, but also the shares of technology companies in general, was and remains difficult.

Where to invest?

Almost everyone has resigned themselves to the fact that we are not going to see a turnaround in the market any time soon. The focus now is on creating good products. This is a trend that is being seen across the board for 2023.

Therefore, the main trends for 2023: the creation of digital identifiers/wallets, security tokens, and blockchain-based games. Also, 2023 is expected to be a successful year for decentralized science (DeSci). So if you want to invest in the cryptosphere in 2023, take a closer look at these areas.

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