Cooling methods for ASIC-mainers: increasing the efficiency and reliability of coin mining

Almost all the owners of ASIC-miners struggle the most typical problem that occurs most often when mining digital coins. It is necessary to cool the equipment in a quality manner, otherwise the ASICs may simply burn out or their profitability will be significantly reduced.

Such not bright prospects are driven by the severe equipment overheating during the processing of new blocks. These elements allow many cryptosystems to function thanks to the growth of the blockchain.

Yes, the manufacturers equip their ASIC-miners with the most powerful coolers, but very often the air flow generated by them does not cope with excess heat output. This aspect makes the users take adequate measures if they want to maintain a sufficient level of heat removal.

Any methods of cooling mining ASIC-devices are necessary to extend equipment operability and the stable ability to mine crypto-coins. Let’s consider the main solutions that currently exist to ensure heat removal from ASIC, or rather, from the surface of their working modules.

Why should you cool ASIC-miners

Most users who are trying to make money on crypto-mining do not want to invest additional money to ensure cooling of ASIC-miners.

This is a fundamental mistake due to greed or common ignorance of which technical features of mining should be controlled and optimized. Due to overheating, the entire business based on the digital coins mining can collapse in a moment.

You should understand what dangers are waiting for the owners of ASICs for mining digital coins. Such a set of dangers should make you reconsider your casual attitude to the problem of cooling ASIC-devices of any miner.

So, heat removal from ASIC is necessary because of the following set of the most probable consequences:

– hashrate is progressively decreasing – computing power is inevitably falling due to the overheating;

– errors in computing processes are becoming more frequent – high temperatures disrupt the mechanisms of operation of special chips and processors in ASIC-miners;

– operational availability period is certainly shortened – overheating causes additional overload, which contributes to accelerated wear of ASIC-elements for mining digital coins;

– the appearance of general failures in the block circuits, as well as the episodes with spontaneous disconnection of mining ASIC-devices;

– boards can burn with the formation of free flame. Here, the instant danger is formed for the rest of the equipment, premises, health and life of the miner

The relevance of the application of heat removal methods from ASIC

Of course, the beginners negligently consider these dangers, judging them as uncritical. Everyone is obliged to analyze and understand the importance of the factors independently.

The main thing here is to realize that overheating of mining equipment results in an inevitable decrease in business profitability. The profit will begin to decline progressively and there will be a lot of other situations requiring money expenses.

Considering these nuances, competent miners try at any cost to ensure constant, full-fledged cooling of ASIC-devices. This factor can be fatal for the mining process. As a result critical moments appear both for the equipment and for tangible effect.

Remember! Normal activity is impossible without methods of heat removal from ASIC, providing a constant, powerful, full-fledged effect!

In addition to local methods of controlling overheating of mining equipment, the factor of the general microclimate should not be missed. In summer, it is not difficult to ensure normal cooling of ASIC-devices, because coolers and other methods form sufficient heat exchange.

The temperature of the air or the elements of the miner itself can be decreased easily and relatively controllably. However, serious difficulties are added from October to May. It is more difficult to cool ASIC in winter, as new requirements for the microclimate are formed.

When it is cold and freezing outside, the humidity of the air changes, including the atmosphere inside the premises. The methods of heat removal from ASIC, decreasing locally the surface temperature of the working elements, can cause the appearance of condensation. It’s a fact of life that moisture “knows” how to disable electronic equipment very quickly.

The importance of following the instructions for using ASIC

According to regulatory principles, the cooling methods of mining ASIC-devices should work in strict adherence to the indoor air temperature. The manufacturer’s instructions must be fully followed.

For example, the guaranteed high-quality and most efficient operation of Antminer S9 will be in case you create the atmosphere in which the temperature range of 0-40 degrees (above zero) is not violated.

When using AvalonMiner 821, a crypto-miner can also let happen a negative temperature of the environment surrounding the equipment. Here, the lower limit of the normal functioning of ASIC is -5 degrees.

With all the features, it is worth considering the specifics of heat exchange processes during the application of cooling methods for ASIC-miners.

When the air flow comes into contact with the surfaces of the active elements for crypto-coins mining, its instant heating occurs. High room temperature exceeding the technical standards for the device will definitely cause overheating of the mining equipment. The reverse situation – if the temperature is lower than allowed by the instructions, it provokes condensation.

Therefore, the problem of choosing a cooling method for ASIC-miners should be resolved very carefully. You should calculate the parameters and continuously monitor the temperature scenario.

Methods of controlling overheating of mining equipment

There are several solutions that help to cool miners, however, three methods of heat removal from ASIC are widely used. The latter (rent of space) can be considered as a combined option.

These are the most effective methods that help to regulate the thermal regime to create the best conditions for crypto-coins mining.

Active ventilation


Any models of ASIC-miners must be placed in such prеmіsеs where it is possible to ensure the movement of air flows. This is the simplest, most efficient and affordable way to cool mining ASIC-devices.

The most ideal system should contain such things in addition to the built-in coolers:

– air conditioners or one powerful central unit;

– channels (pipes) for air movement;

– vent holes in the walls;

– heat output points.

Of course, it is more convenient to use compact, modern systems. But they are very expensive and their operation will require constant investments.

On the other hand, too old models of air conditioners for heat removal from ASIC can create much bigger problems associated with repair and modernization. Perhaps, this is the preferred option for the beginners who want to earn their first money on crypto-currency mining.

Middle price equipment is enough for most miners. They are effective, although slightly massive.

Immersion cooling of ASIC

Immersion cooling

It assumes the most technologically advanced and innovative way of cooling ASIC-miners. The user should buy special cooling cabinets, as well as a special liquid.

Well, a cabinet is a conventional name, since they are actually compact pools or even baths.

The liquid heat removing composition has the following key properties:

– optimal thermal conductivity;

– relatively low boiling point;

– current conductivity is absent or extremely low;

– electromagnetic field generation is suppressed.

ASICs are placed in liquid. In case of excessive overheating of the mining equipment, the heat removing composition begins to boil. The heat will be removed from ASIC together with evaporation.

Almost all the manufactured cabinet models receive additional equipment in the form of condenser-type systems. They lock the cycle, where the evaporation is cooled; the liquid condenses and returns to the tank with the working composition.

Currently, immersion cooling of ASIC is implemented in crypto-currency mining devices mainly by means of 3M Novec-engineered Fluid. There are other options, noteworthy.

Rent of space with cooling

rent cooling

It is a rather controversial method that cannot be 100% attributed to “clean” ways of cooling ASIC-miners. Although the strategy still has the basic goal – to provide better heat removal from ASIC. Even if it is carried out through someone else’s equipment.

Rent of spaces with cooling is the simplest option of a mining hotel. Here, the users transfer their devices for crypto-coins mining, which are placed in rented premises. Ideal conditions are formed in such rooms to ensure heat removal from ASIC-miners. A stable microenvironment is strictly maintained.

In addition to optimal cooling, a good mining hotel has high-quality power supply systems that exclude voltage drops or disconnection of the current supply. The wiring system is reliable, there are batteries, the electricity flow is controlled.

Yes, the rent of space with cooling reduces business efficiency. You will earn less on crypto-currencies mining due to additional expenses. But the mining equipment has:

– better temperature conditions are created;

– day-and-night service – if this service is bought;

– mining hotels do not have difficulties with moisture;

– uninterruptible electric power supply;

– constant security. The moment is important, since the cost of mining ASIC-devices is very solid.

Additional cooling factors

It is necessary to take comprehensive measures to ensure the stable functioning of devices that allow crypto-coins mining.

Complementary to focus on the methods of controlling overheating of mining equipment, you should to pay attention to heat-producing factors and additional nuances.

The experts note such important aspects here.

1. Before launching ASIC-miners, thermal paste must be subjected to mandatory verification. This is a special thermally-conductive substance that removes drops between different media.

Even new models of ASIC-miners may contain already dried mass due to long-term storage. Such thermal paste is subject to replacement, especially in Bitmain miners.

2. The possibility and parameters of ASICS boost are a separate group of parameters that determine how realistic it is to “make” the device work beyond normal capacity. This mode causes even stronger heat generation.

The overheating of mining equipment occurs, which reduces the efficiency of digital coins mining. Due to the heating, the stability of computing processes is lost. This also makes it more difficult to earn money on crypto-currencies mining.


Excessive heat is an important obstacle in a very difficult industry, where the miners are trying to mine crypto-currencies. During the calculation of new blocks for blockchains of decentralized projects, the devices emit a lot of energy, increasing the ambient and its temperature.

Fortunately, the developers continue to actively try to study the methods to control overheating of mining equipment and implement the best solutions.

The methods of cooling ASIC-miners are represented by a wide range. However, crypto-miners more often choose three directions to increase profitability, quality and safety of work.

Most basically these are:

– active ventilation;

– immersion cooling;

– rent of premises with special conditions of the mining hotel.

Despite the size of the business, you should carefully earn money on crypto-currencies mining. It is important to control temperature conditions and keep them in the operating range.

You should not forget about additional cooling techniques and optimization of heat exchange between the active elements of the working modules. Heat removal from ASIC is a significant success factor in mining digital coins.

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